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Audi alteram partem...

Who We Are

The Courtroom Nigeria is a group of young writers cum campus journalists with a strong passion for intellectual debates and insightful discourses. We use column writing as a tool for exploring advocacy journalism in the parlance of controversial topics on societal and political issues.

The Courtroom brings to fore the beauty and power of advocacy journalism. It is a column based on a Latin maxim: audi alteram partem (hear the other side). The brilliant initiative started in February 2012 as a weekly column published on press boards in the University of Ibadan with interesting debates on controversial topics.

The Courtroom is a household name in Nigeria’s Premier University – and beyond – among students and Campus Journalists. The most interesting twist to the fanciness of the multi-award winning column is that readers are the judges.

If you are reading this, then you are the Judge. So, Your Honour, stay tuned for juicy and informative debates on controversial issues on campuses, in Nigeria and beyond.

What We Do

Platform Creation

We provide a platform for writers to engage in intellectual debates on controversial issues.


We create an avenue for the grooming of world-class writers and public commentators.


We provide a factual analysis of controversial issues and present it in a didactic manner to the Public.


  • To develop a community of intellectually minded readers.
  • To develop articulate learned writers.

  • To use intellectual debating and writing skills as tools for national development.

  • To shed light on controversial issues and events.

  • To profer solutions to maladies bedeviling any sector of the society.


  • To create the largest community of writers in Africa.

  • To be a reliable database of resources for intellectual discourse.

  • To build the strongest network of writers whose sagacity influence governmental decisions across countries of the world.

  • To be the largest e-learning platform for grooming and teaching people the art of persuasive writing.

Where Did We Start?

It started with two engineering students on industrial training at a mechanic workshop in 2011. They had a variety of debates based on different topics and issues. Interestingly, those two students happened to be Samuel Osho and Tijani Mayowa.

When the students got back to school in 2011, they decided to exchange opinions about fuel subsidy. The fuel subsidy removal heated up the Nigerian polity and led to a nationwide strike.

Osho and Tijani took the bold step of starting the abnormal column in the University of Ibadan in February 2012. It was christened “THE COURTROOM.” They started off with a blog for online readers and publications on campus press boards.

How Did We Get Here?

The first forty editions of the column were handled by Tijani and Osho from February 2012 and March 2014.

By 2014, The Courtroom had won several awards and it was unarguably the best column on campus because of its quality and consistency. It was published on more than 15 press boards in UI every

On March 14, 2014, the pioneering columnists handed over to Oredola Ibrahim and Adeoba Gbenga. They maintained the sanctity and uniqueness of the column.

The third generation of columnists has a duo of amazing writers – Kanyinsola Olorunnisola and Adebajo Adekunle. They resumed on August 27, 2015. To keep the tradition of transition a continuum, the dyad of Akinpelu Yūsuf and Asudemade HabeebulLah took over in September 2017.


Number of Publications

Best Column

Won the Union of Campus Journalist (UCJ) award for the best column in the University of Ibadan since 2012.

Award-winning Writers

In its years of existence, all its columnists have been nominated for Junior Chambers International (JCI) FOPA Award for the Most Outstanding Campus Journalist in the University of Ibadan – three out of six won the award.



In September 2017, The Courtroom expanded to six other universities in Nigeria. Twelve young writers were inducted into the growing network of intellectual debaters. 

We are based in Nigeria

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