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All other things but a necessity?

Ivan Pavlov, the classical conditioning theorist remarked that, “Extinction is the disappearance of a previously learned behaviour when the behavior is not reinforced; It occurs when a response is no longer reinforced following a discriminative stimulus.”

Going by what Pavlov said, many a time is when students would go to lecture halls (in the rain or under the scorching ‘Ìjagun’ sun) expecting the lecturer to show up, but only to learn (after waiting for about an hour or two) that the lecturer won’t be coming for that day. If my opposing counsel could remember vividly, there was a particular course we did in our 100 Level days⁠—Edu 112 to be precise⁠— why many of us stopped going to the lecture hall for that course was because the lecturer often failed to show up and not that we were nonchalant about our own success. Who would pay #76,500 and decide to always sleep in his or her hostile doing nothing? But we had no choice due to the lecturer’s regular absenteeism from class. ‘Abi, wetin we gain if we go?

In a bid to enforcing such policy, the school authority should deem it fit to put some factors into consideration. For instance, it is a known fact that there are not-so-spacious lecture halls on the school campus. Just imagine having the population of about 3000 students sitting for lecture in a 1000-seater hall, how would the lecturer himself feel? Stressed out I guess. Not to now talk of the students.

My lord, it has been said that if anything should be hidden from the black man it should be kept in a book (because he wouldn’t read it) right? This is true even amongst students. While some are lazy at studying, others are going for lectures, but it should be noted that every man, (no matter how ‘strong’ you might be) needs to be motivated to do some important things. Hence, Abraham Maslow’s theory on the precept of Man’s Basic Needs ( of which motivation was key). So, in order to ensure that students make up to 70% attendance, the lecturer too should make up to that or if they don’t, who then would record the presence of students? But if they come, it would motivate students to also come too.

Additionally, students who actually carried some courses over to their next level should be considered. Most times the ‘Carry over’ course lecture might be clashing with the new course s/he is to do, in this situation, what is such person expected to do? If the threat is even much, the person may consider having to ‘buy his or her way through’.

In line with this, most people (even students) are not always privileged to get all the necessities of life. Amongst students, we’d see those who don’t have smart phones and some that do, don’t always have access (as ‘there’s no money to get data’) to the internet, social media handle and even their class group where most of the lecture updates are disseminated. Sadly, many of such students fall victim of getting to miss lecture, test, even exam at times and other vital information. Therefore, the school authority should ensure it works on fixing a constant lecture time table for the students in order to promote the policy.

Before going home to take off my gown and wig, I would want to ask my opposing counsel what the aim of this policy really is. Is it to enhance the academic performance of the students (when students can actually study on their own and perform excellently well)? Or just to ensure students come to school regularly? If any, I would then say, the policy is nothing but a basket empty of an item called NECESSITY!

It is a necessary necessity!

If there is any policy of the university management that is laudable, commendable and applaudable, it must be the policy of ‘No 70 Percent Attendance, No Examination’. The hydra of low performance and failure has continue to grow, waxing stronger and better, despite numerous attempts to kill it and render it useless forever. Various policies, suggestions and improvements have been made in the past, such as immediate release of General E-test scores, reduction in the cut-off marks among others, yet all to no avail. Finally, when all hope seems lost, the management has realized that the best way to kill an hydra is to strike it at the heart. They have made a policy that will not only serve as a way out of failure but also a necessary necessity if wisdom be our guide and sense our compass.

My lord, there have been negative trends on campus. The trends have been going on even before we embark on the journey to first degree destination. It is nothing less than ‘Results Upgrading’. It is an act in which the university management increases the score of students in a course following low performance or widespread failure. If we must restore sanity back to our alma mata, if we must not allow the thick fog of ignorance to cloud our sense of vision and understanding, then we all must embrace and see the new policy as a necessity. How many tertiary institutions ‘upgrade’ their students results following widespread of low performance? Without mincing word, milord, my opposing counsel is suggesting that results upgrade should continue thereby degrading the quality of students our alma mata is producing. How long shall we continue to wallow in the mud of retrogression?

Going further, milord, a journey to General classes will leave you utterly speechless, confused and dejected for a while. You will find scanty students and empty seats readily available. One will think it is normal but a much closer look at the population of the students in each College says otherwise. The students attending General classes in a college do not represent ten percent of the total students’ population in that particular college. A conversation with any of these sets of students and they will claim not to gain anything in these classes and they love to read on their own. One will find it amusing that these sets of know-it-all students are the one who will be the first to clamour for results upgrading. This act spelt one thing⁠—laziness! Only lazy students will attend lectures for a while and quit attending lectures just because lecturers are not coming to class.

In conclusion, the University of Ibadan is one of those numerous universities that uses the ‘No 70 Percent Attendance, No Examination’ policy. This policy combined with other policies of theirs has pushed and sustained them at the zenith of success. What makes the likes of University of Ibadan, Covenant University, Ahmadu Bello University retained and maintained their excellence ground is what we should be after and not if this policy is a necessity or not? If TASUED will move from being an underdog to being a dog at all, ground zero to being a top hero, pit to pinnacles, low life to high life, dungeon to palace, we must all embrace this policy because it is a necessary necessity.