“If we don’t shape our kids, they will be shaped by outside forces that don’t care what shape our kids are in.” — Dr. Louise Hart.

Following a rumoured news that the prestigious University of Ilorin was going to create a portal on the University website for Parents and Guardians to assess the activities of their wards, students have flared up like an explosion at a gas station over something that if were to be true and effected, would benefit them than it would harm them.

Most of these students live with the illusion of freedom and grandeur and lead themselves into self doom with their parents having little to no knowledge of whom they are or how well they fare in school. Unlike when the parents of most of these Students were in school, a great percentage of them gained admission as fifteen year olds and would be graduating as either teenagers or when they’re just entering their second decade. The belief that they do not need to be aided has in fact led them to committing financial atrocities, mismanagement of money and self, while moving through the Universe of tertiary education with almost no help. How do you help a child if you do not know how they suffer?

Students go as far as falsifying results, printing fake receipts, just to appear cool for Parents and Friends when they in fact need serious help. If this court will permit me, I’ll bring in a student of Babcock as evidence of the recklessness which these teenagers exude. This young man was given #800, 000 by a father who trusted his maturity, and the young man blasted #800, 000 to nothingness. Another proof of youthful exuberance is Zubairu, an 100L student who was also allegedly beaten by his parents after he stole from his brother-in-law to buy a Benz, iWatch and iPhone for his girlfriend Nihat. And people their age grade, who have been celebrating and hailing the courage of their criminal friends are shouting across social media that they do not want to be monitored.

While it is still a rumour that the University is setting up a Parent portal, I submit before this court that it would do the society more good if this rumour can be executed. Parents should clamour for it and the University should look into it. Not unless we want to raise little tigers that will tear down the empire of morality and social justice which we are still trying to build as a society.

“When the child is old enough to own a hoe, he owns it.” — African Proverb.

The UNILORIN parental portal creation rumour first came to page on the Web through an unidentified twitter user days ago and by precedence, it cannot be debunked as impossible. But it is a subject that has provoked wild internal and external reaction and it is worth every bit. Universities admit adults. To start with, my lords. why should adults need to be constantly reported to their families who in the first place have sent them [in cases applicable] to school out of confidence?

We do not know the details of this parental portal or its working techniques, but random logic tells that it will afford parents the privilege of direct access to their wards’ results, appearance and punctuality to classes. By standard rule, Student’s are the only rightful recipient of their results and they are obliged to disclose them only by their personal biding. I wonder how the University will resolve the case of self-sponsored students and maybe, they will extend this generosity to postgraduate students.
I agree that [some] students are characterized with hideous attitudes on campus but creating a parental portal will not assuage this menace which can be tackled through several efficient and urgent mediums like the introduction of value and moral education into the respective syllabus at the various stages of schooling.

The University system is not designed to produce academically efficient products solely, but it is charged with the sacrosanct duty of moulding respectable young adults capable of achieving reasonable independent decisions under various circumstances. If this is our university’s means of responding to the fast spreading ill conduct amongst students then the society should be prepared to welcome fresh graduates functioning wonderfully as robots in a few years. Yes, robots.

My lords, Parents, guardians and teachers have always instructed, guided and censored young people but what is the motive in keeping them on a ruler all their lives? The University is the most ideal ground for them to experiment and operate their upbringing and to learn because nobody ever truly learns except through firsthand experience of situations. Our people says when the child is old enough to own a hoe, he owns it.

If you have not noticed, my lords, the fountainhead of all consequences is that it will make students more susceptible to victimization from teachers who might be empowered to report them to their sponsors and the other, which is my biggest fear, is that, it confirms our university’s status as an advanced secondary school in the eyes of farceurs. We will become subject of cruel jokes propelled on social media and the dailies. This development had better be faux or an already defenestrated consideration by the Varsity Council.

I submit, my lords.

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Rumoured UNILORIN Parent portal, a necessity?