When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facemash in his dormitory at Harvard, it was a stupid idea. When Jack Ma launched Alibaba with the dominance of eBay in eCommerce, it was a stupid idea. There are more than enough pointers that the ideas that have shaken the world always start by being stupid. So, when the other counsel calls the idea of Big Brother FUTA stupid, there will be no argument to that, as it signals the potency of the idea, becoming a world-transforming one.

My Lord, more importantly, we have to commend the organizers of Big Brother FUTA for the great reinvention. It is no news that Big Brother has become a global phenomenon to reckon, especially with the Nigerian version in the most recent space of the media. Over 5000 Nigerians were reported to have auditioned for Big Brother Nigeria, generally composing of youths. It is a signal to the huge population of youths who want to be involved in this TV reality show. Of the whopping 5000 youths who auditioned, it is obvious that a selection of 30 of them, would, in fact, be a wild imagination. What Big Brother FUTA provides is an opportunity for more people to partake in what interests them. This is done in a better way, by taking away the rigorous stress of auditioning, and even allowing introverts who hide behind their keypads to partake in the reality show. The reinvention that has seen the show transform from physical to virtual space is a great thing we must learn at this time.

Corroborating this is the fact that the world is going global, virtually. How do you explain webinars, training sessions on Slack, WhatsApp or even online conferences on Zoom? The idea of BB FUTA is one that aligns with the evolution that the world is currently experiencing. In short, the idea of having BB FUTA virtually is a pointer to the future of how Big Brother shows will run, and we are proud that the Federal University of Technology, Akure, as one that prioritizes Technology, is one of the originators of this.

Also, we have seen how students have resorted to accepting boredom as bosom due to the academic shutdowns in tertiary institutions nationwide. What BB FUTA provides them is a process attached to self-actualization, which is the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

Occasioned by an unwanted condition of being at home, many of them are in depressive states. However, on a broad scale, Big Brother FUTA gives them the opportunity to bond with fellow students. The feeling that exudes being among peers is what the reality show still grant the students of the University. It is therefore obvious that Big Brother FUTA is an opportunity to keep the sanity of students intact.

Finally, the most told criticism of the popular Big Brother Nigeria is the immorality that the show oozes. First, the show in itself is rated 18+, which allows it to be televised with such acts. If a regulatory commission exists in the country and the commission allows that the reality TV show is aired after fulfilling all ethical standards, it would be baseless to argue that the show is immoral.

As that may be nonetheless, the fact that Big Brother FUTA runs virtually evades the happenstance of immorality. This sets Big Brother FUTA as the better and moral version of the popular reality show. This points to a fact, Big Brother FUTA is solving the long-standing critical stance that the National show has accorded itself.

Another criticism that has rubbed on Big Brother Nigeria is the commercialization of the show. ‘It is just business’, a lot of people say. The point is why can’t it be a business? Even if that becomes a worthy point in this court, Big Brother FUTA has eliminated this commercialization. Students do not have to vote via SMS but Telegram polls and a website.

In summary, my Lord, no matter what the other counsel brings to this court, one fact established is that Big Brother FUTA is an upgraded and better way to have the reality show run. It is no argument that organizers of Big Brother all over the world must learn from Big Brother FUTA. It then becomes that the better future has been told and launched in FUTA. It is worthy of nothing else but approval.

It could’ve taken another nomenclature at least, if it wasn’t destined to follow the footsteps of its mother – Big Brother Naija.
Do we need to ballot or box? – Not even a high neck to have a gaze on the striking resemblance! Can an offspring ever be off the source spring?

Milord, the applause of the appraising litigant might have come from the goodness and promises he sees in the development – but I bet, BBNaija started on a more humble stance – with an initial aim of promoting the Nigerian brand at the global entertainment market.
Today, after 13 years and 3 editions, its moral degeneration has grown from the red that means danger to the blues that’s meant only for the other room, seen from all rooms; the sacred playground now accessible at children’s playgrounds!
Whilst future deceives, the past is ever honest. What would be written of BBFUTA in ten years?

In the end, it’s all business anyway!
Over time, the capitalist movement has evolved towards making more money. True. The business of it might generate more commitment as to how the initiators have to consistently work on audience-desired products to make more money. However, BBFUTA isn’t the robotic Android or the inedible Apple, not even the Windows that blow no wind, of which you read this from – BBFUTA uses humans directly as their products! – They play on minds and emotions (not necessarily physicalities) of housemates and audiences to promote the business.
The virtuality which is presumed to reduce the immoralities as against the BB Naija, is a form of sabotage of the innovative and intellectual movement. The value system of the society, especially the University environment is still greatly affected as videos targeted at going viral, would be shared on the social media platforms paraded by the initiators. Notably, the immorality is set to be “reduced” with no perfect model of total eradication put into place. Milord, our society is immoral enough, any dot of immorality, not even in itself, but anything that smells like it, should be discouraged and disapproved.
I’d state unequivocally that the commodification of reality in the manner at which BBFUTA does, only generates youths with a pseudo-reality mindset. There are awards and honours that reward true heroes in their fields. They are not necessarily made to follow a pattern of life for a period of time – they live heroes’ life long enough, not some sorts of ill-roles clouded in a controlled form of reality. The housemates, at best are made to act well, live well, speak well, et cetera, for a particular period of time so they can stand a chance of winning prizes. No one cares about how they live after the show. This, therefore, promotes the narrative of fake life – people would then believe they can get anything they want if they hide their true colours just for a while. We want the FUTA brand to go global, but not in the controversial manners!

EVEN IF the development turned out good, is it necessary? One thing is for something to be good, another is for it to be necessary. To what gain is it to develop a machine that produces sand in the desert?
The appraising Litigant built his case for necessity on the need for bonding, the desire to self-actualize and basically, to have fun, since the state of the country is depressive. The University environment exists to manage exuberances – the reason for awarding graduands, certificates for both academic and moral excellence. The system has also made available numerous means of bonding, under saner climes. Who is more legitimate to create bonding means for students under the”studentship” brand? – Management or private/independent bodies? Mutual risk control exists between the Students and the Management. Fun and freedom are good. But no bondage is greater than uncontrolled freedom, which BBFUTA aims at offering students. Milord, I so disapprove

Big Brother FUTA: Worthy of Applause or Disapproval?