It is a pity how fast we often want to run first without learning to walk, properly! –


My Lord, with the situation of things in Tai Solarin University of Education presently, creating a platform where students can process their credentials online isn’t the best.  Though, being able to think outside the box is a good thing but it often triggers criticism when it is coming at the wrongest time.

TASUED ICT centre is among the ICT centres of higher institutions who are just coming up and it isn’t fully prepared to handle this new innovation with utmost attention it does need.  The current VC, Prof Abayomi Arigbabu, at his inaugural ceremony in March 2018 said: “I will promote leadership training for Student leaders, reposition the work-study programme for greatest succour for indigent students and keep students busy on and outside the campus with recreational and creative facilities. The establishment of SMART classroom, improvement on the ICT among others”. But is this “improvement” the creation of another responsibility? When the ICT centre is yet to maintain effectiveness in the already established portals? When students still face challenges in carrying out such a simple activity like payment of school fees? When I personally still have a payment pending on my portal since 2017? What are their plans for such occurrences? Finding ways to solve them or just going ahead to focus on a different thing all together? 

There is another great disadvantage being posed with this innovation and that is the problem of limited services. The only individuals who are privileged to carry out operations on this platform are the graduates which automatically shows the disappointment that would be faced by 300L through 100L students. Of what added value is it then, when the new service is only open to a few individuals? What should be the fate of a 300level student who in a bid to enroll for a scholarship scheme and needs to present his result transcript but can’t get one since such a thing as this isn’t meant for him and the HOD of his department isn’t ready to provide him one?

The only development expected of the school ICT now is to improve on the already existing system and services like ensuring effectiveness in conducting E- exams, avoidance of portal jamming, providing an adequate contact address, monitoring of portal to avoid errors among others. Without all these being checked and put in good order this new innovation would only end the same way its predecessors have ended. And when the ICT is sure all these errors and issues have been addressed, then this new one can come forward but without that, the new success envisioned may likely end up in failure.

Will the management learn from the immortal words of Professor Bruce Lee: I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times… is it not better to avoid being a Jack of all trade when you could be a master of one? I rest my case.



Ọ̀tá ẹni kìí pa òdù ọ̀yà. Bàá so ìlẹ̀kẹ̀, bàá wọ iyùn. Igi ata làá jọ lójú abínú ẹni (An enemy will never appreciate greatness in one’s achievement) –

Yoruba Maxim

Bob Marley was actually right with his lyrics in his song titled ‘Who the cap fit?’ when he said your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend could be your worst enemy. Shouldn’t we label those who are quick in pointing accusing finger at the development of the institution wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Well, C.P Scott said it all by saying comments are free, but facts are sacred. The sacredness of the fact shouldn’t be based on noble absurdity nor preposterous data but should be embedded, filled and choked up with every atomic elements of truth one can gathered.

My lord, we can’t scold a ten-day old baby because of his incessant cry neither can we rebuke him for his prolonged sleep. TASUED E-REQUEST SERVICES was given birth to on January 11, 2019. You will agree with me that it’s too young for criticism, and that only a remorseless being will criticize such a tender age service. Or is it because the Bible says “…the Lord will visit the iniquity of the fathers on the children, to the third and fourth generation”? Haba! Don’t let us forget that the same Bible says: “The soul who sins shall die and the son will not suffer for the iniquity of the fathers nor will the fathers suffer for the iniquity of the son”. How can we judge a ten-day old baby because of his father’s sin? We surely can’t criticize the present development of a new administration because of the failed projects of the previous administration. It will be an unfair thing to do! By the way, since this is what the Bible say, who are we to go against it?

Going further, TASUED E-REQUEST SERVICES is a laudable project that deserved the usual accolades because the ICT team – led by Mr. Ademola Adenubi – has literarily paid its dues. They are not lazy neither are they part of the lazy Nigerian youths His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari was referring to. Oh! Forgive me, my Lord, for not explaining what TASUED E-REQUEST SERVICES is all about. According to the official website of the service, “It is a platform that seeks to automate the processing of request for Students’ Transcript of Academic Record, Results Verification and Certificate Collection……” Yeah! It’s three services automated on one platform. This means that you don’t need to experience the physical and psychological stress one encountered during the requests for transcripts and collection of certificates, the stress of moving from department to college and the indelible agony tales in the heart of the survivors. With the help of the E-REQUEST SERVICES, all you need is internet connection and your gadget, and voila! You will be notified when your requested service is ready for collection.

Our world is evolving and the wheel is fast changing at the speed of light. It is either we embrace the wheel of change or we are crushed by it. According to Researchers at Researchgate, “the enormous time taken in processing academic transcript and certificate has impeded the students’ progress, whereby several applicants lose their admission, scholarship and job opportunities. These unpleasant circumstances have necessitated the search for better options…” The search for better options resulted into the birth of TASUED E-REQUEST SERVICES – a platform that if utilized properly will see to the end of unpleasant circumstances highlighted above.

My lord, growing old is compulsory while growing up is voluntary. We can choose to embrace the changes in this twenty-first century or choose to remain in the nineteenth century world when it’s obvious that the world has changed her garments. My opponent should know that it is not about perfection, it is about growth! I rest my case!