Federal University Oye-Ekiti

Yes! What are we still waiting for?

All divisions is created in and by the mind

—Joseph Rain

It has been reported that unlike previous years where fresh students from Agric and Engineering faculties resume with those from other faculties in Oye campus, these students from aforementioned will resume in the home of their faculties in Ikole Campus this session. The question now is should they resume in Ikole Campus?

Yes! What are we still waiting for? For those that may not know, I will like to briefly take us on a journey of history, shall we? Federal University Oye-Ekiti was among the nine federal institutions established by the then Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in 2011.

However, at the advent of its establishment, several controversies erupted which led to a communal fight and the consequent loss of the lives of some persons and the injury of many others. What exactly could have caused this great violence, you may be wondering? Put simply, while a suitable location for siting the university was being searched for, an informant had hinted personalities in Ikole Ekiti that the federal university may be established there, however, abracadabra, upon establishment the university was sited in Oye-Ekiti. The consequent violence led to the establishment of a subordinate campus in Ikole Ekiti in order to pacify her denizens.

Therefore, ever since another campus has been created in Ikole Ekiti and it has been home to the faculties of Agric and Engineering, students of these faculties have routinely spent their first year in Oye campus before relocating to Ikole campus for the subsequent years of their studies.

My lords, as much as this arrangement is nice and pleasing to the ears, it does more harm than good and it is not only relevant but also timely that the university management concludes that henceforth students in the faculties of Agric and Engineering should begin their first year of study in Ikole campus.

First, should I talk of the stress of having to go for departmental and faculty registration in Ikole campus while receiving lectures in Oye? I can remember vividly in my freshman days, while myself and friends in sciences, social sciences et cetera had our registration with little stress in Oye-Ekiti, my friends in Agric and Engineering at a point had to rush down to Ikole as early as possible to beat crowds, conclude registrations and still come back to Oye that same day since they had nowhere to sleep in Ikole. And on days where they were unlucky, they had to go for two or three consecutive days before they conclude their registration. Aside the fact that going and coming may be quite tiring, it also endangers the lives of the students.

Similarly, it is quite burdensome for those students who have course(s) to retake and it may be used as an excuse for repeated failure. For instance, after moving to Ikole campus after the completion of their first year, students who have course(s) to retake have to constantly travel to Oye for the course(s), the tests and exams, while having other courses to attend to in Ikole. And on occasions, where the lecturer decides to organise an impromptu test or shift the venue or time for a test or class as the case may be, such students is likely to miss out if uninformed. Aside the physical stress this may cause, this is also enough reason for mental/ psychological stress.  

In like manner, students are often faced with the problem of adjustment and adaptation caused by relocation as they have to search afresh for suitable apartments, good landlords/landladies and most importantly make friends with their new neighbours.

Finally, milords, I know the opposing counsel may say this development may pose a significant threat to the unity of both campuses considering the fact that there may be slim chance or no chance at all for interaction between students of both campuses. In this case, I will like to make reference to the quote by Joseph Rain that “division and unity are made in and by the mind” (rephrased by me). Hence, unity or otherwise division of both campuses lies in the mind of the students. The Student Union leaders may however, as an alternative, organise avenues where students from both campuses occasionally meet and interact.

I rest my case.

No! It is a fallible step to take.

It is better to build a child than to repair an adult.

—Wisdom quotes

Not to bore milords with the reiteration of history I solidly stand on the foundation of knowledge that the defending counsel has laid down and summarily state that the Federal University Oye-Ekiti is one of the nine institutions established during ex president Goodluck Jonathan’s regime in 2011.The establishment of the University however caused a vendetta between Oye and Ikole community which thought the school would be grounded on their personal soil.

To make peace reign the main campus was established in Oye while it’s annex was established in Ikole (home of faculties of Agric and Engineering). Resultantly, this division has made students of these faculties spend their first year in Oye and subsequent years in Ikole. What a thoughtful and peaceful stratagem.

However, lately, the school management has decided that students in the faculties of Agric and Engineering should begin their first year of study in Ikole Campus and truth be told this is a fallible step  to take. My lords, I sincerely hope that by the end of my argument you will be ultimately convinced to see why fresh Agric and Engineering students should not resume their first year in Ikole.

Basically, the unity between students of these two campuses will gradually but definitely nosedive and inevitably atrophy. Let us visit the archive of happenings. It should be recalled that, when the first Student Union Government was to be chosen there was a little disagreement about which campus would produce the first SUG president. The differences was later settled amicably and this can be narrowed to the effect of togetherness they have shared in their first year. Should the students be alien to one another then, they would strive to make their differences overcome and this could have led to another bloody combat.

My lords, I know the defending counsel has suggested that the Student Union Leaders may, as an alternative, organise avenues where students from both campuses occasionally meet and interact but I ask why try to repair an adult when a child could have been easily built? At closer scrutiny one would know the academic calendar can’t afford the luxury to give away such times and who on the planet earth assures the defending counsel that there won’t be a conflict of interest when the rendezvous for such meeting is to be chosen. I sincerely do not know the number of organized meeting that would equal a whole year of peaceful coexistence in the main campus. A student that has spent a whole year and made a number of friends during his/her period of stay is less likely to come back to the same campus to disrupt its peace.

Furthermore, exams for the general courses taken by fresh students are computer based and the main ICT centre is established in Oye. Definitely, students will have to come from Ikole to Oye for the exam putting their lives at risk in the process. It could be argued that 200 level students also come from Ikole for general studies too but the fact is a minimal number of students will be prone to risks.

On a final note, students are advised to study hard so as to avoid the resit for a first year course in their second year having thought fully about how they would be stressed out financially, physically and intellectually. Intensive effort at studying will give them a strong academic foundation which they can build on till their final year.

All these factors are enough reasons to reconsider the decision that fresh Agric and Engineering students should resume in Ikole Campus the home of their faculties.