This week saw the Courtroom Scribes argue back and forth on the resolution: The increment in acceptance fee, warranted?

The two sides presented before me, no doubt, have been most interestingly persuasive. The increment of the acceptance fee, warranted or not. Nothing good comes easy, it is normally quoted in a bid to encourage one to go for an opportunity presented to one, and sometimes to encourage one to persevere. This must be the basis of the argument of the honourable scribe in favour of the increment of the UI admission acceptance fee.

True, the economic situation of the country is such that there is difficulty in the struggle to survive from day to day. There is a general increase in virtually all goods and services; and where there is no increase, what is found but reduction in quality? This therefore leads to increase in the cost of living, and there is a rise in the price of necessities.

However, it is sad to realise that there is no commiseration with the income of the average citizen in the nation. As much as the cost of living increases, the income rate remains static. How then, are these citizens expected to adjust to the situation without a long period of suffering, fallback and what have you?

The school intends to ensure conducive environment for the students, and because of this the increment in the acceptance fee. A most wonderful and thoughtful interest for the benefit of the students. However, it is of wonder whether the management considered the fact that these students, or rather some of the students have hardly got enough to sustain themselves for the day or the week, not to talk of getting the acceptance fee.

Not undermining the stance of the scribe for the increment, and not to put forth more arguments but to give a verdict, I would say that the increment is unwarranted. The honourable scribe against the increment has put forth valid arguments with regard to that, especially on the impact of previous increment of the fee. Has there really been any difference in the situation of the school facilities ever since there had been increment at different times? I leave you to answer that.

It is important to bear in mind when looking at this issue that the University is essentially for the benefit of affordability. It is meant to provide an avenue for the average citizen who finds it difficult, but has the determination and will to get education. Where this purpose is defeated, have we not deprived an individual his right and opportunity to get educated? What difference, then, is there between the Federal university and a private institution? What, then, is the reason for choosing a Federal University?

Agreed, there are different calibres of students in the University. However, the fees should be based on the consideration of affordability. The main essence of the institution should be considered and not the class of the students. I, therefore, strongly concur with the scribe against the increment, who has given sufficient reasons, that it is unwarranted.

Reader: AKINTOLA, Rukayya Olufisayo

Occupation: Student

School: University of Ibadan

Email address:

Telephone: (+234) 8169634240

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