In the courtroom, this week, defence and prosecution have locked horns, as they have thrown unsettling dust of logic all over the law court, on the suit: ‘The Increment in Acceptance Fee, Warranted?’
The scale has been put to use; each side has had words, in form of arguments, placed in it. The two counsels have thus laid bare their different views of the spun coin:

It has been proven before The Courtroom by the Defending Counsel that the increment is warranted, especially due to the rise in price that has hit almost all spheres of the country’s commercial and economic workings. He has, hence, argued that the value determines the price tag. He claims that University of Ibadan’s value is on the high side and; so, must be paid for as is due. It is also stated that there are ‘no bones about’ the defended side.

On the Prosecuting Counsel’s end of the scribal tug, however, it has been established that, as claimed by him, the sessional increment in Acceptance Fee is ‘funny’ and; thus, unwarranted even if with ‘a warranty’. He says that the increase has often been in leaping succession, spanning from N14,000 to N35,000. Further, it is said that the amount may not be favourable for all, as fingers are not equal and because there are, traditionally, some other payments to be made across faculties, halls and the likes.

Now, a blindfolded sight which is no way insight-less and a dagger-wielding hand which is by no means heartless take charge in the clear laying of the verdict. As a judge in this Courtroom, my judgement goes thus:

Doubt be laid to rest, it is of a paramount magnitude to first understand that the contentious issue of the Acceptance Fee increment is quite necessary; only not needed. It is necessary as a matter of the fact that the rise has, consequently, been necessitated by the dwindling economic vigour of the country. However, it is not needed due to the dire straits in which many a citizen has for long been and which has caused countless to be needy.

Nevertheless, the heavier side of the scale shall be considered. Looking at the economic situation of the country, one cannot but be neededly prudent and frugal in financial dealings. Even ‘Yahoo boys’ look out well for what they buy. In the country, at present, hardly does one even find middle-class citizens anymore, let alone lower class. In fact, some of the so-called rich cannot boast of so much financial buoyancy, with utmost confidence. So, cutting cost becomes a common norm, even when extravagance is, at times, sought to be achieved.

The bottom line is that the increase in Acceptance Fee is not befitting of the current pocket-state of citizens. Though it is doubtless that even the school as an institution would also not have been exempted from the economic sledging, humaneness equally begs that the plight of the general public be well considered. Hence, while the school authority must necessarily increase the fee in order to suit the needs of the school, the amount must nonetheless be, needed, affordable for parents of prospective students.

This court, therefore, concludes the case by advising that the management of University of Ibadan should reduce the sum to be paid as Acceptance Fee, particularly because of the cheerless or half-cheerful financial demeanour that pockets are wearing this recent time. Well, this might probably have been already considered before the final N35,000 resolution— who knows? But, still, this court advises that the amount still be reduced such that it becomes considerably easy for both parties: the school and the parents of aspirants.

On the whole, this judgement has been based, considerately, on the need to ensure that none of the plaintiff and the defendant is harmed while the other is delirious with biased favour.

I rise!

Reader: Yusuff Uthman Adekola

Occupation: Student

School: University of Ibadan

Email address:

Telephone: (+234) 8166599760

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