The Courtroom (Nigeria), a growing community of outstanding writers and analytical campus journalists, hereby calls for columnists from higher institutions across the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Courtroom is a unique column which employs an argumentative style to convey depth, trigger delight and provoke critical thoughts in the readers. It was founded in the University of Ibadan in 2012, and has received several awards ever since.

Upon recruitment, columnists will be required to perform regular intellectual surgeries upon trending issues, both within and without their local institutions of learning. A maximum of one pair of applicants will be  selected from each school.


Besides being in a circle of like-minds and access to a national platform for expression  and showcasing of talent, with recruitment also comes the following rewards:

  • Book gifts.
  • Free ticket to a writing workshop.
  • Excursion to a popular media house.


  • All campus journalists, and writers generally, across higher institutions in Nigeria are eligible to apply, except final-year students.
  • Get a partner from your citadel of learning.
  • Jointly write an article using The Courtroom style of column-writing, making sure it does not exceed 1500 words. You may cruise through the website ( for sample articles.
  • Submit article as well as the names of applicants, departments, phone numbers and email addresses to


July 17, 2017.