Who are we still waiting for?


“Is there anything in the world sadder

than a train standing in the rain?” – Pablo Neruda, Book of Questions

Permit me to welcome you to a new session, my lords. And I will also like to welcome the fresh lords amongst us to this citadel of learning where great men are raised; I do wish them a fruitful stay. In the same vein, I’ll like to welcome both old and fresh lords to the rebranded Courtroom; we do hope that as we bring cases before you, may you have enough patience to judge each one with an unparalleled juristic erudition.


To the business of the day, my lords, the case before us today is one that draws tears from my eyes. The fact that I have to argue this case in this very courtroom brings grief to my heart. If not for anything, but for the fresh lords in our midst, it is quite unfortunate that we have to start washing the dirty linens of our dearest Union before them; it is as bad as that. However, we still have to bring it before this court for our very Union is currently in the intensive care unit of the University, under attack by the twin forces of leadership recklessness and corruption, a state of lawlessness and impunity. And if at all, our Union must be saved from this impending catastrophe, then this court must decide to impeach HunterSola, today. Yes! He has committed such atrocities against our Union that if he’s allowed to go scot free, we may be setting a bad precedent for subsequent leaders of our Union.


You ask me, my lords, why should he be impeached? This is a man, who walked on a shaky mandate to power in an election largely characterised by mistrust, violence, religious deviousness (via the AUCSF poorly written script) and reckless desperation. This is a man, who through his confusion and “personal stupidity” desecrated the hallowed chambers of our dearest Law Makers (Students’ Representatives Council) when he haughtily barge in there with a dubious politician to serve his own ulterior motives. This is a man, who through his inability to manage the stress of power and having no regard to due process of administration stained and tarnished the image of our Union by axing down a “#500,000 naira largesse” given by the clueless Gov. Ajimobi in a manner devoid of any civilized practice.


My Lords, this is a man, who impudently disregarded all existing conventions, rules and regulations binding our Union to field his political godfather (Labzy) sometimes last year for a post at the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) without proper ratification by the SRC. This is a man, whose administration did budget a whopping sum of 21 million naira to celebrate the Union week and ended up wasting a fortune for what was not even fit to be called a get together party. This is a man, who on the 11th of this month “herded” others conspirators to the Oyo State Government to soil the name of our Union again by collecting another 500,000 naira termed “mobilization fee” in the middle of the night. Don’t bother to worry about what happened to the money, it was “duly shared” as usual.


How many shall we count, my lords, out of the numerous teeth of Adepele, the hundreds of incisors, the thousands of canines, or the countless rows of Molars and Premolars? No doubt, my lords, we have seen administrative tactlessness and illogicality. We have seen imprudence and impudence. We have seen extravagance and wastefulness. And certainly, these have been reasonably established. The question I suppose should not be “Why should he be impeached?” but “When will he be impeached?” Though I am aware that some people suffering from poverty of thoughts may argue that impeachment is not the solution and should be discarded. They may argue that it is irrelevant impeaching him a few days to the end of his administration. For those set of people, I will tell them that Madness is we leaving our leaders to do as they wish in office and letting them go scot free and yet expecting subsequent administration to behave differently. We may not have to be going through this headache right now if we had been courageous enough to impeach Babatunde Badmus, for that would have served as deterrence to this administration.


Finally, for posterity sake, if we don’t want those who are not even fit to be villains to parade themselves later as heroes of our Union, then, we must be courageous to act accordingly. To save the dignity and integrity of our Union, we must be ready to impeach HunterSola, now!

hunter 2 hunterhunter3

No, impeachment is not the way forward.


“A strategy is only as good as the vision that guides it.” – Burt Nanus (1936 – )

It feels great to be back after a long break. I think it is not too late to say welcome back.

My Lords, I anticipated the surprise that may arise from my position on this case. I know an impeachment call captures the opinions of many; however, I refuse to subscribe to this call. Impeachment is neither the best option nor the way forward!


I am kicking against the impeachment of HunterShola not because he paid my transport fare and that of other persons in a cab earlier this session. And, I did not say “thank you, sir” because I was not sure if the #200 he brought out was his money or the #200 deducted from my/your school fees as the students’ Union dues. My reasons for adopting this stance are not far to seek.


My lords, I know of arguments based on the students’ Union president’s alleged corrupt practices before or after the general elections. I am aware that he has been accused of being more of a figurehead like the Kunle Adepeju statue in front of the S.U building. In fact, the statue even plays a more important role than he does because it reminds us of the struggles of our heroes past. Most people too are aware of all these but they are ignorant of certain truths.


An impeachment saga is not the best for the union, especially at a time when the apathy shown by supposed members is at its peak. It could put to death the little interest shown by many. An impeachment process is also capable of bringing to nothing the little sanity present at the leadership of the union.


HunterSola should not be punished for the woes we have brought upon ourselves. The state of the Union is a reflection of our collective attitude, decisions, and interventions (your silence too). I believe strongly that the docile members, who are mostly the intellectuals, have contributed largely to the status quo. Our inability to define the paradigm and nuance of leadership expected of those at the forefront necessitates the annual ritual- aspirants bereft of vision and intellectual strength impose porous definitions on us.


HunterSola should be spared. We are all to blame. We went to sleep thinking we have a check and balance system in place because we elected some set of persons into a Legislative Council alleged to be deeply rooted in hypocrisy and irresponsibility. We must not forget that certain persons with interests greater/contrary to ours sponsored the election of a greater number of persons there.


In some weeks, the ban on the electioneering process may/will be lifted. This shows that HunterSola and other members of his redemption team have little time left in office. My lords, rather than hastily fill a hole (via impeachment) that has been in existence before this team came on board, our efforts should be channelled towards achieving a complete revision of the union, its structure, and what it stands for.


An impeachment process will slow down/prevent the change we should bring to the union. We must set our mind on the way forward, and impeachment is not a tool for such. While it reflects our love for rule of law and other nonsense, it does not get the job done. In 1999, when the House of Representatives got rid of Salisu Buhari of the Toronto fame, one would have thought that it was a goodbye to falsehood and corruption. Sadly, years later, a certain Olubunmi Etteh came around and set worse records.


Rather than punish HunterSola, we must make the system less vulnerable. We must revisit the constitution that guides the conduct of every office holder, and ensure that too much power is not vested in any of the offices. We must set up a credible accountability system that brings to the fore activities of our leaders periodically, and this can only be possible if we dump the apathy that we have adopted. The role of the electorate goes beyond voting on election days.


My lords, the best time to prevent future calls for impeachment is now. The ideals and ideologies of those seeking election into offices should be questioned. We must ask for genuine portrayal of all that means genuine leadership, not the tout-like gragra and empty noise mistaken for bravery and guts.


My lords, HunterSola should not be impeached. Rather, the led must raise their game. We must redefine leadership and stop electing idiots. I rest my case.


CONCLUSION: This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgment. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom.


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