It all started with an outstanding panache, rolling down precarious questions from the temple of justice to the Judges; EDOSA’S TEAM: A FAILED ADMINISTRATION?
The Nation was getting too hot, so we took off for ROME FIUMICINO International airport and we landed in the Vatican City to ask the question in front of the Conclave; IS IT TIME FOR AN AFRICAN POPE? The Cardinals paid for our trip down to the Ivory Tower and we debated about the twists in the Students’ Union elections: WAS INDY HALL JUSTIFIED OVER SEN. ENOCH? Before anyone could answer, the nation was faced with; NYSC NEW POLICIES: JUSTIFIED?
We were sent by the God of Justice to x-ray ADEWOLE’S ADMINSTRATION SO FAR: A SUCCESS OR A FAILURE? While Prof. Adewole was trying to get a panacea to the headache caused, we were flabbergasted to see the whole nation thrown into a loch of melodramatic giggle courtesy of a comical NSCDC boss and hence the debate topic: SHOULD MY ‘OGA AT THE TOP’ (SHEM OBAFAIYE) BE PUNISHED?
Reeling in the euphoria precipitated by the results of the Students’ Union Elections, the sitting of the SRC raised a great question as pertaining to Babatunde Badmus; HAVE WE ENTHRONED A MAD MAN? A trip to the Federal Capital Territory allowed us to meet Stephen Oronsaye and his team about their recommendations to the Presidency: SHOULD UTME, NECO BE SCRAPPED?
The actions in the Ivory Tower just after the commencement of a new Students’ Union administration under Babatunde Badmus made us to ask the conglomerate of the Executives and the Legislatives: WHO ARE THE DEVILS: THE SRC OR THE EXECUTIVES? The ASUU Strike came like the mighty overflow of River Niger as it paralyzed activities on campus but it never stopped us from investigating the only exam which was held during the strike: UI LLB ULTIMATE EXAMS WRITTEN IN SECRET AS OTHER FINALISTS ROT AT HOME: JUST OR UNJUST?
11 Cases and yet you our Judges are not tired of Us, we say thank you. Without you, our readers we might not have made it this far, all the Press Organisations who accepted us, starting from Law Press Organisation, we say thank you. To Tech Press, Mellanby Hall Press and Zik Hall Press, our locals, we are forever grateful. Appreciation to Psych Press, AFAS Press, Veterinary News Organisation, History Press, Kuti Press, Tedder Press, Maths Press, thank you so much.
To all those who followed us “bumper to bumper” via Press boards on campus, via our blog, we say thank you. To our readers out there on the blog from sixty countries of the world especially the United States, United Kingdom and Nigeria, we say thank you. To all who stayed by to drop a comment or more especially our top commenters on the blog; Adelabu Adeola (Labzy) and Ladele Olabisi, your constructive comments have been a source of motivation. To Joseph Olajide who reblogged us on Homezone media and the Ivory Talk family (Tojola Bolaji and Paul Alasiri), we say gracias. To those who rejected us, we sure do understand.
Though we met late, we still love to say thank you to Sultan Bello Press and NUESA Press. To our Mother body Union of Campus Journalists [UCJ], we say Merci. To AgroPress who finally accepted us after strict Bureaucratic Editorial examination, adupe o. What shall we say of the first female hall that accepted us, Queen Elizabeth II Press, we say thank you. To the great maidens of the Benin kingdom; Queen Idia Hall Press, our appreciations are immense. To Obafemi Awolowo Hall and all Post graduate Halls, we sincerely anticipate your invite.
Unending Ovation goes to the Great Bertrand Elochukwu Okafor, for the Prices, the deals, the free printing on days when we were totally broke and couldn’t print 3 coloured pages for 15 Press Organisations. We are forever grateful.
To all unsung heroes, who silently fought to see victory attained, we say “nagode”.
Thank you very much, we hope to see a brighter path this 2014. Thank you for 2013, Happy new year, wishing you an excellent 2014.