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Even though it passes through the valley of the shadow of the Amazon jungle or it moves through the mountains of the Nepal Tibet; the color never changes, the texture remains intact and its effect still overwhelming. I speak of nothing else but the TRUTH. There is a saying that; “Don’t believe everything you hear, there are always three sides to a story; yours, theirs and the truth”.

Amidst the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike, the ink of my pen flows on papyrus in a bid to erase the squiggles of injustice written in the hearts of men. It was first a rumor but all of a sudden it turned out to be the truth that final year students of the Faculty of Law were writing their final exams. After the exams; ecstasy was written on the faces of the Law students who were once in a state of dilemma couple of weeks ago.  Many are of the opinion that this move by the Faculty of Law to conduct exams behind closed doors is a pure act of injustice. I beg to differ as I brandish my identity card which shows that I am from the school of thought which believes that this is not injustice at all.

Over the years, final year students from the Faculty of Law are known for their fast academic calendars as they need to meet up with their Admission into Law School. Law school resumes session by October 21, 2013; the results of the students are expected to be ready and must have been directed to the right quarters. The proposed calendar for the final year students of Law stated clearly that they were supposed to start their second semester exams on July 29, 2013. In a bid to meet the target, they resumed lectures almost immediately after their first semester exams. They never envisaged that there would be a strike. However, ASUU strike paralyzed major activities on campus and stopped the lectures of these students. They were thrown into a state of quandary as uncertainty about the next move looms. At long last, after much deliberations and meetings; they were allowed to sit for their exams. They wrote the exams because they were ready for it. Majority of final year students chanting that this move is injustice are yet to start second semester lectures. If we claim to be a friend of progress, then nothing whatsoever should stop us from giving full support to these hardworking students. A question comes to mind and it goes to the other finalists out there; how many of you would like to sit for your final year exams right now? The answer is NO! Then, what reasons do you have that you think is enough to stop the Law students from writing their exams? The difference is obvious; this is not about partiality or favoritism.

These students paid the price of staying in school after the first semester to attend lectures when others were at home enjoying the mid-session break. They made the sacrifice because they had to meet a target. The consequence of missing admission into Law school is grave. It means waiting at home till next year’s admission (1year and 2months). University of Ibadan has 150 slots in Law school every year. If they do not get admitted into Law school this year, the Faculty may not be able to fix up the backlog in the next five years. The present finalists are close to that number and the lower levels are also in the same range.

This implies delaying these enviable jewels of destiny the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming a practicing Lawyer. To a large extent, the impending delay is in itself not fair at all and also portrays an act of injustice. Always go for Gold, Go for the TRUTH. The truth will never paint an act of goodwill intended for progress a color which connotes injustice. Writing the LLB Ultimate Exam means justice upheld while not writing the exam depicts injustice.











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I laugh at hypocrisy in high places, I cry at injustice in the temple of justice, I see lawyers in words but liars in deeds. I hear the University of Ibadan’s Faculty of law, has the aforementioned maxim as its motto and all that comes to mind is a mirage! Deception! I would suggest the motto be changed to; “Ours must go to law school, though the heavens fall”

I hear people say, the exams had to be done, don’t you know the Adenirans, the Bamgboses, the Aiyelaagbes, the Kolawoles of this world must go to Law school? I smile and ask, is my University this nepotic? Well, i dont want to thread that lane today. Nepotic or not, let fate be the Judge. My drive today is from a cultural maxim; “bawo lobo se se ori ti inaki o se?” Roughly translated as, “what makes the difference between the head of a monkey and that of a gorilla?”   What makes the difference between a 500 level law student and a 500 level Civil engineering student? Why should one write final examinations and the other rot at home as his dreams face assasination? Ain’t all animals are equal?

Here goes the story of a young man whom you may know too well, he, just like these law students is a 500 level student of the department of Food Technology, who eagerly awaits his final exams. He won a post graduate scholarship from a U.S. based newsfirm [which he writes for] to study in any University in the United State. He used the resources of the scholarship to apply for “International Food Law” at Michigan state University, one of the very few Universities taking the course in the world. He was gracefully admitted to resume in september, due to expected hitches, he wrote the University that he may be resuming late and he was given an extension of 28days, after which the admission is lost if not deferred. The news firm made necessary payments and days began to count.

ASUU bumped into his dreams and by every passing day, the fear of losing his scholarship worth N5Million in Tuition, N1.8million maintenance fee, and about N1 million on other expenses all set in. He earnestly wish he could write his exams and move on with his dreams as soon as possible. If he is allowed to write his exams just as this law students, he would meet up but as it stands, about N8 million worth of scholarship is gone with the wind. Assasination of dreams! He is just one out of thousands of students in the University whose dreams are shattered by every passing day.

Assuming our dreams do not matter to you, what about your dreams? Many of the students dream of becoming voices for the voiceless, givers of justice and men and women to be looked upon for liberty. But what justice can you deliver, when the foundation of your career was built out of meting out injustice on other students? The faculty’s dream of being the greatest around this clime, cannot be achieved in the face of injustice!

Perhaps you don’t believe it is injustice for Law final exams to be written in secret while other students are deprived of such priviledges, then sinserely answer this; is it justice?

Is it justice to Post graduate students who were at the tail end of their examinations when the strike began and their exams were disrupted and one year loss stares them in the face? Is it justice for Medical students who were set to swim through the waters of MB II come July 25 [earlier than law’s July 29], before the industrial action took its toll?  Despite all these, the faculty of law thinks the heads of the monkeys are too precious to be scrapped, unlike that of post graduate gorilla and medical chimpanzee. They pay lip service to ASUU, sabotaging its effort at total comprehensive strike. Hypocrisy in high places! This injustice divides ASUU UI, tarnishing the ivory image of the Ivory tower.

Peradventure a soul is left, who thinks this deed of secret examinations for monkeys is just, while other animals of this animal kingdom rot in their respective stables, such soul should consult that verse of the University anthem which says; “social justice, equal chances”. Then come out to prove to us, that this is a case of social justice and equal chances.

My Lords, I leave you with the eternal words of the great sage Plato; “He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it”. I rest.


CONCLUSION: This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. UI LL.B ULTIMATE EXAMS WRITTEN IN SECRET AS OTHER FINALISTS ROT AT HOME: JUST OR UNJUST?

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