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From the Holy Book; it was recorded that God rested on the seventh day of creation. Stemming from this fact which exudes the behavior of heavenly creatures; it is not a surprise that humans whom inhabit the earth have decided to tread on this same path. God rested, so humans too must rest. Rest is indeed sweet after labor. Welcome back to the second semester after an action packed first semester truncated by an enthralling mid-session break. It is never too late to blast the trumpet and greet you Happy new month. I felt that my muse had deserted me but once again here am I with my pen ready to speak to your ears. My pen speaks in audible voices and its voice is able to heal the ills of the society.

Inasmuch as the political terrain of Nigeria will make do as an interesting season movie; it is highly imperative to say that amidst the giggles and the frowns precipitated by characters in the movie lies the obvious insignia of mediocrity. Nigeria still lies low in the murky waters of underdevelopment and our leaders never seem to be concerned about the current state of things in the country. They are not bothered about peasant farmers who could hardly afford a three square meal talk less of educating their children. Nigeria is a true definition of corruption and bad leadership. Leaders whom their roles in the movie suggest they got their lines from the Devil, the question is; where is the future of this nation?

The miracles wrought by student leaders of our generation always fuel my curiosity as to where do we search for true leaders who are driven by the passion to serve the masses. The Babatunde Badmus led Students Union administration in the University of Ibadan has once again showed me in bold italic capital letters the sordid extravagance exhibited by leaders in mainstream politics. The Students’ Representative Council claimed to have approved all the expenses done by the union and the budget tabled by the union at the beginning of its administration. The amount consumed within three months while in office is rather alarming and shocking. These executives seem to be controlled by their pockets and monies instead of by their head. They have however portrayed themselves as individuals who lack direction and targets; they have spent over a million naira while in office yet they have not done anything that is beneficial to students. They have decided to squander the money on frivolous trips as they gallivant about from North to South all in the name of Unionism. The true color of democracy is shown in transparency and accountability coupled with an utmost desire to serve the masses and provide for their needs.

Checking through the account statement released by the Treasurer, Comrade Olaoluwa Adaramodu on June 27, 2013, it was discovered that majority of the items listed in the expenditure table needs more clarification and well-explained details. A case which should not be taken lightly is an expenditure dated for 30/05/2013 which reads; House Sec – Welfare: Omore A. Drugs & feeding – N2000. Why would Omore be treated as a special student in regards to his drugs and feeding when we have JAJA Clinic which provides free health care system and drugs for students. Another one is the case of the approved monthly fund for recharge cards; N8000 for the President and N3000 for the other executives. This is outrageous! This is a bad precedence and it should not be encouraged at all. SRC approved the budget; the onus lies on the executives to spend it well and execute sensible projects that would help students. SRC only has the right to call the executives to order when on a frivolous spending spree. Long Live our Union!

Babatunde Badmus, President, 2013/2014 University of Ibadan Students' Union

Babatunde Badmus, President, 2013/2014 University of Ibadan Students’ Union

Hon. Oluyemi Sarumi, Speaker, UI Students Representative Council for 2013/2014 parliament year

Hon. Oluyemi Sarumi, Speaker, UI Students Representative Council for 2013/2014 parliament year

Ogunbanjo Tobiloba, UI House Secretary for 2013/2014 session

Ogunbanjo Tobiloba, UI House Secretary for 2013/2014 session










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“There are no devils, but gods are devils when drunk”—ANON

My kinsmen have a drum, only the wise dance to its tunes, only the knowledgeable get to understand its words. This drum is beaten by the blind, and heard by the deaf, it is called ILU OGIDIGBO! THE DRUM FOR THE WISE!

It is with the proceeds of this drum that I approach you today to try to filter angels from Demons. Before I proceed, I would like to wish Babatunde Badmus a happy Birthday in arrears and wish him safe drive with his new car, ire akari o.

Over the past few months, the general public has been fed with series of reports, showing the income and expenditure of the Union and this has been a plausible one from the office of the Treasurer, Comrade Adaramodu. However, these reports have raised our eye brows over the prodigal nature of the men in the corridor of power. Their profligate spending has been of great concern to us as sons of the same commonweal.

In just three months, the Union has spent N1,389,220 with little or nothing to show for it. Spending have been on recharge card allowances to the tune of N29,000 per month, travelling exorbitantly without yield on return, and unnecessary excursions with little or no profit in all. Our Union dues and other revenue are being burnt on the altar of wasteful spending as an offering to the prodigal gods from their ever loyal prodigal sons.

Then the question that stares us in the face is who to blame for this input without output? Who are the devils at the Union’s vault, who are the fertilizers flourishing the growth of this trend that was absent in the Edosa led admin but dominant in the time and clime of Babatunde Badmus? Who are those after the wasteful order of Lucifer in the place of spending?

You may be quick to say the Executives should be held responsible for such irresponsible acts, but I would beg to differ. In my opinion, I would love to hold the Students representative council responsible for the ills in this corridor. And my interest does not even lie in the exorbitant budget of N1,000,000 and their naïve N418,000 excursion request or in the fact that N500,000 of the entire money spent yet has been on the SRC.

My interest however lies in the fact that the SRC is staying mum as such “evil” thrive amongst our leaders. They claim to be our representatives sent to the house to represent our interest, but what manner of representation is this?  Of representation that sees to personal gains void of public interest, of representation that sees to siphoning public purse with no returns into the purse. It was even reported that the excursion to Abuja was “fruitful”, as some senators gave monies to the SRC only for these monies not to reflect in our commonweal. Why would the Union have spent roughly N1.4million with nothing to show for it in the lives of the students they swore to serve?

Some have however argued, that the SRC is not that powerful, that her potency has a limit, but my response is simple; if she is potent enough to suspend Ogunbanjo Tobiloba [A.K.A Barrack O’Payne], she should be potent enough to curb this ill. These men are the gods we have elected who now lie drunk and now watch evil prevail as of devils and dumb demons.

To my friends and foes in the SRC, my Ogidigbo has been beaten; let the wise dance and the knowledgeable understand!

CONCLUSION: This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. WHO ARE THE DEVILS?

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