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“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” – William Penn.

It is a common knowledge that a house divided against itself cannot stand such is the case of a hall of residence in this University community that prides herself as the only Living Hall. It all started at the beginning of the session when it became obvious that two occupants of the Independence Hall would be going for the post of the Students’ Union President. Despite the fact that the hall executives had plethora of time to settle conflict of candidacy, they failed woefully to calm the storm and restore sanity. The two candidates: Babatunde Badmus and Senator Enoch Oladehin decided to pursue their political ambitions in different ships oblivious of the fact that they both share the same sea.  The battle for supremacy was tough and it only exposed the disunity in the Hall. Many are of the opinion that one should have stepped down for another but both of them refused.

The bone of contention for this week’s Courtroom is to take a closer look at the stand of Independence Hall executives who gave their full-fledged support to the candidacy of Senator Enoch Oladehin. The question is: Was Indy Hall justified? My bold answer to that question is No! The Executives led by the Administrator General, Hon. Folawiyo (aka Podolski) listed several reasons why they had to support Enoch. Their reasons all borders on the fact that Senator Enoch recorded great landmarks during his last spell as the House secretary of the union during the Tokunbo led administration and that he had contributed tremendously to the progress of Indy Hall from the days of his humble beginning. Babatunde Badmus was painted as an alien in the land of Katanga; he never stayed in the hall from his 100 level days and there is no particular thing they could pinpoint as his achievement in the hall. This candid resolution taken by the executives only accentuated the division in the hall. This resulted to massive electoral apathy because the division led to disappointment after they were frustrated.

One would have expected Independence hall to have learnt lessons from neighbours, Nnamdi Azikwe Hall. Zik Hall could have had such a conflict during the first Students’ Union election after the resuscitation of the Union when it became obvious that Ihembe Martins would be contesting against Tokunbo Salako in the run for the Presidency of the Union. Zikites reached a consensus and gave their unflinching support to the eventual winner, Tokunbo Salako. The Living Hall should have learnt this rudiment of politics to make their home side united at all times. This division is a clear aberration to the mission statement of Babatunde Badmus: “Uniting Uites”. If your hall is not united, how do you intend to unite Uites?

It must at this point be reiterated that no excuse is tenable, the executives should have been able to reach a consensus and present the best candidate. Now that the deed has been done, it is a disgrace to the executives that the candidate they supported never came close to winning the election. The lost sheep, Babatunde Badmus finally brought glory back to the Independence Hall which clearly shows that Indy Hall was not justified. Congrats to the General Commander of the Aluta forces, Babatunde Badmus!

Babatunde Badmus, President-elect, 2013 University of Ibadan Students' Union

Babatunde Badmus, President-elect, 2013 University of Ibadan Students’ Union

Election in progress

Election in progress

Senator Oladehin Enoch

Senator Oladehin Enoch
















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“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”—MALCOLM X

Someone once said time is a versatile performer; it flies, marches on, heals all wounds and will surely tell. Time definitely flies, as it has flown from the days of Tokunbo Salako and Adeola Adelabu, where we were availed the opportunity to count 4,725 valid votes, the highest in recent times. Then flew to the days Edosa and Bikerman [Tunde Falade] where we saw some sort of apathy with just 3,234 valid votes. Now we seat tight in the Bulumic era of Uniting UItes with just 4,085 votes even when the 100 level students were allowed to vote as against the two previous elections, in which they were excluded.

This election happens to be an interesting one, which saw a very stiff battle across all battle-lines. The results are however stale news with Babatunde Badmus standing tall as the victorious man to Unite Uites. But like the Yoruba would say, let us chase the bastards before we reproof our sons. The bastard would not literarily translate to mean the elections, but the situations that surrounded it hence, my presence in the court today.

My Lords, I am here in the courtroom today to defend the stance of Independence Hall over the just concluded Students’ Union elections. Lest I be carried away by my passion for the stance of the great Katanga Republic, I will love to congratulate Mr. Babatunde Badmus and the rest of his team on their hard earned victory in the battle of Spartans over the Votes of shrewd UItes.

It is no news, that Independence Hall supported Senator Enoch Oladehin in the just concluded election and many have seen this as an act of injustice on the part of the executives to have chosen to support one of their sons and neglect the other. But I make bold to say, that Independence hall is justified.

Like Malcolm X said, one who stands for nothing will fall for anything. If Independence Hall did not stand for anything, they would have fallen gallantly for anything. They had to make a choice on who to stand for in the Election, and when the first “primaries” was conducted, Babatunde Badmus was said to have been the man but the executives said a lot of discrepancies trailed the previous election, hence the need for another.

In the new election, they considered the situations at hand and the present realities in view, one which included the fact that Babatunde Badmus was just a card carrying member of the hall. He was also said not to have had any financial input in the hall since his 100 level days while Enoch on the other hand has contributed so much to the hall for five years running.

My Lords, My question is simple, if you had two hands to rise to a herculean task would you choose the tested and trusted hand or the probably good but yet to be tested hand?


This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. WAS INDY HALL JUSTIFIED?

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