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It all started from the antediluvian era to modern day era, when an entity fails to live up to its billing then it is of no use. What is the essence of a giant that cannot stop a dwarf? Why keep a gun that cannot be shot in an arsenal? Why call a bird an Eagle if it cannot soar? If the Students’ Union after her resuscitation cannot live up to her billing, why should we keep electing executives and whisk our votes away into the gallows? It just becomes a formality to have elections, elect executives into offices and have a set of braggarts who parade themselves as SU executives for 365 days.

The Students’ Union of this era has misplaced her priorities by placing entertainment jamborees ahead of the main importance of Students Unionism. Sometimes I wonder if Students’ Union executives know the rudiments of true unionism. Is Students Unionism about having a colourful Students’ Union week? Students’ Unionism is not about using offices as articles of ostentation. Our modern day unionists are fond of using their offices as a source of getting a bevy of ladies in their cribs. They treasure those moments when people call them the lofty names of the sacred gods but they are not ready to pay the sacrifice the gods paid. Unionism is not about having an amiable personality or being a friend of the people. The true essence of unionism is the welfare of students and the fight for their rights.

I stand boldly to affirm the fact that the current dispensation of the Students Union have not lived up to expectations in terms of Students’ welfare. Where was the Students’ Union when students in their numbers were moving out of school in search of greener pastures? The Students’ Union is the shepherd, the students are the flock. A shepherd who left his sheep at the arrival of ravenous wolves is not worthy to call himself the Lord of the flock. Who does that? You left your wards in the house when assassins came knocking on your door. This is betrayal at its acme and trust at its nadir. Students came into the new session with so much believe in the union to raise a voice for them in the thickets of injustice. Alas, voices were gagged which led to the massive decongestion of students from halls of residence and the new accommodation policy (No cooking policy) was enforced. These policies clearly stand against the welfare of an average Nigeria student. It is painful due to the fact that we are victims of anti-student policies despite the presence of the Students Union.

It must be reiterated that prior to the resuscitation of the Students’ Union, the generality of students have had to fight struggles and champion their course towards justice. Struggles fought by sagacious minds who would talk with their pens than wield a sword and men whom without batting an eyelid are ready to lead a protest to show their displeasure to authorities. If the Students’ Union claims to exist and its presence cannot be felt, then why do we need one? Why call a royal blood a king if he has no crown? We don’t need a Students’ Union!

Tokunbo Salako, President of the Pathfinder team

Tokunbo Salako, President of the Pathfinder team

Ekhator Edosa Raymond, President of the Sophomore team

Ekhator Edosa Raymond, President of the Sophomore team

Who is next?

Who is next?

















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Amongst many comments gotten from the last edition of the courtroom titled; “Edosa’s team a failed administration?” one of them read thus;

“I care not about their past success; all I know is that,

Edosa’s team has failed; this is the time to cap their past

Success, we need them now but they are not responding,

I suggest we don’t need a Students’ Union if this people won’t be up to the task.”

Many of the other comments gotten also followed along this path and shared the opinion that the team has failed. But the question of if the Union be scraped or not should not even be asked at all, but now that the court has presented it before us, we have to trash it in one swipe.

His name is Caleb, he was born to a cruel father, and a loving mother, unfortunately for him, she left him for his father to raise. His father molested him, beat him up from time to time, blood and scars became natural to him. He grew to become a great activist against molestation and child abuse. He grew to primarily believe that no child should be brought up by his father as all fathers are cruel.

The same story goes for Africa, a continent being seen as a second class citizen of the world, one being reported as the home of poverty and poverty oriented diseases. But in the real sense, Africa is the home of civilization, the cradle of humanhood.

My Lords, as you all know that though Caleb’s father may have been cruel, it doesn’t translate to the image painted by Caleb that all fathers are cruel, and the single story of Africa doesn’t translate to mean Africa is a nonentity amidst other continents. This is mere hasty generalisation [dicto simpliciter—jumping logic to illogical conclusion].

We agree that in the last administration, some of the SU executives just went to office to use Zinox computers, some went to taste what it feels to have an office of their own, and some to demonstrate to us what failure truly means. But non-sequitur [it does not follow], that because the present administration failed that the Union is not needed.

Rather, the present admin as led by Edosa has not only failed but has shown us in clear terms that we do need a Union not a Pseudo-Union. Though Tokunbo Salako had his flaws, he however used his office to properly channel some students’ grievances to the proper quarters. That a leper was king today doesn’t mean we should forbid the existence of a kingdom. Do we say because one person failed, all people are meant to fail?

Winston Churchill said: “success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss in enthusiasm”, so if we must have the successful union we want, we must not lose faith even if any administration fail. We would get it if we don’t give up. The Union has been born again, never to be lost again. God Bless the Students’ Union.

CONCLUSION: This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. Is the “renaming” Acceptable?

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