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YES OF COURSE;RES IPSA LOQUITUR                                                                                                                                            

Good day my Lords in this courtroom, I appreciate your unending effort to see justice reign in our land. The case before us today is a peculiar one which has to do with honest men in compromising situations, the case of the sophomore team [The Students’ union Executives as led by EkhatorEdosa] .

Sirs, it was Prof. NiyiOsundare that wrote these beautiful lines with traditional theme of a figure called Adepele[one with so many irregular teeth].

“How many, oh how many shall we count

Of the teeth of Adepele:

There are twenty incisors, fifty canines,

While uncountable molars lie buried

In the caves of the jaw”

The sophomore team, are in the compromising shoes of Adepele, whose flaws are too numerous to count, as they are as numerous as the teeth of Adepele. What shall we speak of, the unfounded escape of the general, when the “no cooking” war was toughest? Or the dumb victory song sang by a defeated coward, when the battle was lost? Or shall we insult ourselves by saying parties, shows, are more important than the well-being of students? Or shall we chorus the songs of disgrace,our executives sang by “conniving” with some unscrupulous elements in duping the Federal government by hosting a program that never existed? Or silence in the face of the unfair verdict passed on Balqis and Afronelly.

Shall we speak of the poor publicity of the KunleAdepeju Memorial scholarship [meant for indigent student] which saw some non-indigent students claim the proceeds of the scholarship and indigent students complaining they never heard of it, due to the fact that they do not have phones that could access the information from Facebook and other social networks. I could see KunleAdepeju turn in his grave saying, why would you give monies meant for the indigent to those that would use it in oppressing the truly indigent ones.

Res Ipsa Loquitur [the thing speaks for itself]. The failure of the sophomore team speaks for itself, as failure is the inability to meet stipulated goals. They swore to fight for our welfare at whatever cost, but all they did was to save their heads when we needed them most. If this is not failure, then what is it?! If this is success, then I don’t want to ever succeed.

confused Edosa

Ekhator Edosa, SU President 2011/2012


Atane Colette, UISU Vice President (2012/2013)

Atane Colette, UISU Vice President (2012/2013)


Agboola Kayode, SU PRO 2011/2012

Agboola Kayode, SU PRO 2011/2012

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After the resuscitation of the union, it was first the Pathfinder team and now it is the sophomore team. The pathfinder team succeeded in building the ship on the shore. We boarded the ship; the sophomore team led the ship as we set sail for the Promised Land. The maiden voyage during the first semester was peaceful and marked with great victories against the pirates of the Ivory Sea. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, the first voyage ended on a captivating crescendo which precipitated a lot of praises from different realms.

Few hours into the second voyage, a wind of change swept across the sea, the gale-force wind emanated from the domestic conquistadors that govern the affairs of the Ivory Sea. The sophomore team thought they would be able to man the show and once again stop the wind as they stopped the Pirates. The gust of wind blew Edosa’s hat off, the coward leader took to his heels as he ran to the lowest deck of the ship. In the deck, he found a cabin; there in the cabin, he saw a bunk on which he slept. The other members of the team never failed to wage war with the gale, despite the fact that several of them got their hats blown off, they never gave up the fight. It got to a stage when the Piranha came for their blood; they stood their ground and portrayed the ideology of egalitarianism.

As the struggle for a viable union continues, it must be emphasised that Edosa’s team is not a failed administration. The fact that Edosa disappeared at the face of injustice meted out to students is not enough to write off his administration. Edosa disappeared but other members of his team stayed back to continue the fight for the students against the management. Have we quickly forgotten about the huge success of the Students’ Union week? Can’t we remember the struggles of the union as they championed the course of justice for Idiates? Sports lovers will remember the illustrious achievement of the Students’ Union sports department as they organised the SU football premier league and also collaborated with the Sports council to organise a camping event to get young stars in the university. Can’t you hear the jubilations of the recipients of Kunle Adepeju’s Memorial Scholarship? Edosa’s team exuded transparency and accountability at its acme when she released the statement of account and all their financial dealings to the public. The team also stopped the anticipated increase in tuition fee.

Inasmuch as we judge others on the scales of justice, it is imperative for us to put ourselves in the shoes of those that are being judged. This is the hallmark of justice. Edosa failed himself not us, he only displayed to us that he is a round peg in a square hole. When we needed him most, he was nowhere to be found. In his apparent disappearance, we found Colette having a peaceful dialogue with the management; we heard Kakaki’s voice when he was disseminating information, we saw Obanor raking out facts and figures to the management.

Edosa failed but the sophomore team never failed because the team constituted of individuals of varying intellectual capacity. Edosa might still be taking a nap on the berth in the cabin but am sure that the other generals of struggle are at the cockpit of the ship to ensure that the ship sails to the Promised Land where we can boldly sing the song of victory. Edosa’s team never failed! They are the most accountable Student Union team I have seen in recent times.

CONCLUSION:This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alterampartem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. EDOSA’S TEAM; A FAILED ADMINISTRATION?

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