Nigeria is one of the most religious nations in the world; this record does not in any way stop Nigeria from being ranked high on the list of the world’s most corrupt nations. Religious yet still corrupt, this makes me conclude without an iota of doubt that in Nigeria, the unsung motto is: ‘Deceive me, I deceive you’. We like deceiving one another and this is one of the main reasons why the nation has plunged into the abyss of corruption. It all starts from the leaders of the nation before it spreads all over the place like gangrene. Nigeria is fast decaying due to the reign of deceit.

Inasmuch as I respect the intellectualism of the number one citizen of the University of Ibadan community, Prof. Isaac Adewole. I admire his rectitude, his demeanour and his immense contributions to make the nation’s premier university one of the best in the world. I would like to say that it is an obvious fact that the erstwhile Vice Chancellor, Prof. Bamiro left big shoes for Prof. Adewole. Of a truth, the new Vice Chancellor has been working assiduously to make sure he feels comfortable in those shoes. The installation of inverter-powered light bulbs in hostels; walkways, corridors, Junior Common Rooms, Senior Common Rooms, Foyers and reading rooms is a laudable achievement by the current administration. This installation was made to foster security, movement of students at nights and allow students to use the reading rooms.

What is the essence of having lights on my corridors without lights in my room? What is the essence of having lights in my JCR and quadrangle without light in the library? This is a camouflage! Foreigners will come to the University at night and say; ‘Wow! University of Ibadan is a beautiful school, whenever I go there, there is always light even at nights’. I guess we students know better not to be veiled by this obnoxious illusion. Bright and shining corridors like the picturesque narrow streets of Venice but gloomy rooms, which one do you prefer?

As a student of this University, when I saw the inverter-powered light bulbs, I said to myself: ’Yes, life is beautiful but whenever I had to walk from my dark room to well-lit corridors. Why can’t my room be like this even if it is just a bulb? Despite the installation of these light bulbs, it has not in any way helped in mitigating theft and burglary cases. After the installation, there have been several theft cases in halls of residence; it has in no way stopped Mr. Idia and Mr. Queens.

One of the laudable achievements made by the Prof. Adewole led administration is the 24-hours library service; it must have had a considerable effect on reducing ‘Tsunami’ victims. Running the library for 24 hours means a lot of fuel; a lot of money and more workers. Why spend millions of naira on fuel when there is an alternative option? One would expect the school administration to install these beautiful light bulbs in our libraries and provide some sockets that would be strictly for laptops; it would help to cut down the amount spent on fuel. Since the inverters does not need fuel just maintenance and electricity for charging. It would be beautiful to see this happen!

In conclusion, It must be noted that the inverter-powered light bulbs is a commendable idea but the school administration still has to take more steps in a bid to ensure that the students are not deprived of electricity. More steps than the well-lit walkways, they need to start thinking about those gloomy rooms, the dark corridors of the library and many more. We can be better than this and we all know it except we want to deceive ourselves.






I’m always trying to do the impossible, to please people—Naomi Campbell.

It is of common knowledge that man can never be satisfied, even the gods of economics ascertain to the fact that human wants are unlimited and insatiable. But as much as this is true, it is possible to meet human needs and at times cater for some of his/her wants.

A couple of months ago, electricity issues were the main issue on the lips of every student and some concerned staff on this campus. The Students’ Union as led by Tokunbo Salako went on a remarkable protest that temporarily solved the problem, but also helped in the electricity we enjoy today.

The sophomore team came in and had to continue the unconquered battle from where their predecessors left the sword. This time around the school management were also largely involved and statements like “if you are not satisfied, go to your father’s house” were not coming forth. This time, the University management went all out to see to the return of electricity to this campus even though 2 weeks had to be synonymous to a month and Nigeria’s foremost students had to be tagged “microwave generation”. A people afraid of exam!

2 weeks cum 4weeks finally ended and we were back to the land where impossible is nothing. Inverters were now in place and we were dreaming on the first night that even after the “real” power was out, alternative power would kick in. inverter’s alternative power supply kicked in but to the surprise of some, it didn’t in their rooms but the corridors, toilets, common rooms, cafeteria, walkways and reading room. I was not surprised as I met the contractors during the break and they did some explanation as touching the matter.

For everyone who believes the inverters are nothing but a camouflage, I say to you; think again. These inverters apart from the fact that they aid in beautifying the school premises at night, they also aid as security tools no matter how minute the effect may be. The most important part of the whole inverter idea is for reading and other form of learning in the reading rooms across various halls of residence. A good number of students that took exams last semester [UG, PG and MB] can speak of how useful the inverters were.

Anyone who still thinks the inverters are nothing but a camouflage should imagine a UI without them, and then you will know that they are not camouflage but are there to serve their own “alternative” purposes. My Lord where do you stand?

CONCLUSION: This column is about you, it presents the two sides of a case courtesy of two writers from different schools of thought. “Audi alteram partem” means hear the other side before passing your judgement. Take the gavel, make your decision and slam because you are the judge in this courtroom. Are the inverters a camouflage?

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